About Winehog.org

Welcome to the Winehog.org – my name is Steen Öhman, and I’m the editor, writer and owner of Winehog.org

Winehog.org was launched in 2011 and it’s a site focused on Burgundy wines – with tasting notes, news and articles about the best Burgundy can offer.

The articles and tasting notes are all made by me, Steen Öhman – you can find more information about me and my view on wine in my small Wine CV.

Why was the site named WineHog

20120409-141718.jpgYou might wonder why the site is called the WineHog.

There are two reasons. Firstly I have for many years claimed that I wanted to be reincarnated as a truffle pig, as this seems like a very useful and altruistic occupation.

Secondly the idea of a pig sniffing around in the terroirs to find the best plots and wines seemed more fun than a hound or an advocate.

So here we are … the Sus Scrofa Burgundia better know as the WineHog.

WineHog a new tasting note or article each day

The WinHog was founded in Juli 2011 – so the number of tasting notes is so far a somewhat limited, but I post a new tasting note or article each day.

My ambition is not to visit 300 wine producers each year (or 73 in two weeks like other writers), and post tasting notes for all of these wines.

The aim is to present the best wines, and to taste these from cask, and then follow them as they develop in bottle. I really don’t see any point in reviewing a wine I wouldn’t drink or try out for my own pleasure.

I only review wines from Burgundy – these are the wines I prefer, these are the wines I love to taste and drink. I also appreciate wines from other areas, but I don’t have the knowledge to make fair and qualified ratings of these wines – so I don’t!

Submit a wine for review

Wine is expensive these days, and I don’t have unlimited budget to buy and taste wines. Time only permits a limited number of visits to producers, and therefore I really appreciate if producers or importers submit wines for review.

If you want to submit a wine for review please read the instructions on the submit a sample page found in this section.

Please contact me

The site is constantly changing as I get feedback from friends and followers from all over the world. Please contact me if you have comments to the site, my reviews – I really need all the feedback I can get. If you have a wine for reviewing, then please contact me via phone or email.

Contact details

Steen Öhman
Tel: (+45) 21404480
Email: thewinehog@gmail.com