About Steen Öhman

My name is Steen Öhman – I was born in Denmark in the awful wine year 1965. I normally work with advertising and research, but have a very strong passion for wine and food.

This passion began back in the late 1980s with Bordeaux. The first inspiration came from David Peppercorns book “Bordeaux” and since then a lot of good and great wines have been tasted.

The focus is now on Burgundy – I do however also taste quite a lot of Mosel-Saar-Ruwer, Bordeaux and Champagne – and sometimes even Italian wines, Rhone, and some wines from Alsace and California.

In the mid-90s I began to taste wine professionally, when I joined the tasting panel of the Danish magazine Penge & Privat Ökonomi. I’m no longer a part of this tasting panel, but this was the start of my wine tasting “career”.

I try to taste a broad range of wines in different contexts, and am currently a member of several tasting groups in Denmark. So far my wine interest has brought me as far as Singapore, where I attended the 80 years birthday of wine collector NK Yong – see picture below.

20120107-115039.jpgNK Yong 80 years celebration in 2007: Alessia Antinori (left), Steen Öhman (background left) Katharina Prum (right)

I normally travel to wine districts in France and Germany at least once a year, starting back in 1992 with my first trip to Germany and Alsace. At the moment the plan is to visit Burgundy two or three times each year to taste wines from cask and to participate in events like Grand Jours de Bourgogne.

Independent ratings and articles

I don’t have any commercial interest in the wine business, and so far the only revenue is from the ads on the site.

My taste and palate

I have a preference towards elegant and transparent wines with finesse and a strong terroir. I really don’t like heavy wines with high alcohol level. Energy and Freshness are the keywords – wines without a crisp and vibrant fruit are uninspiring and more or less a waste of time!

Quite a lot of people think my ratings are pretty hard, but it’s my firm opinion that the ratings should be consistent, and a great terrior is necessary if a wine should achieve a top rating (legendary or extraordinary). The result of these principles is very few wines with top ratings, and quite a lot of wines in the 88 – 94pts range. I know many collectors only go for top ratings, but in my view a wine with a 88pts rating can be both very enjoyable and collectable. Wines rated as good can be very drinkable wines … for those who enjoy wine and not labels and points.

Please contact me

The site is constantly changing as I get feedback from friends and followers from all over the world. Please contact me if you have comments to the site, my reviews – I really need all the feedback I can get.

If you have a wine for reviewing, then please contact me via phone or email.

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