Facts and Figures about winehog.org

The winehog.org was launched in July 2011 as a new website for fine wine tasting notes. My main objektive is to provide usefull tasting notes, vintage reports and other articles, for collectors of top end fine wines – mainly Burgundy.


Facts and figures – August 2015

Currently winehog.org has around 9300 unique visitors per month, and they make around 17000 visits per month. During a month 40000 tasting notes and articles are viewed (pageviews) and on average the visitor spend 2 minutes 10 sek reading each page/tasting note. The traffic is currently increasing by around 10% per month

In around 25% of the visitors came from USA, 10% came from France, 9% come from Denmark and 21% from Asia (China, Singapore, Hongkong, India and Taiwan) and finally 4% from UK. The traffic is 38% new visitors and 62% returning readers.

Other channels – E-mail, Facebook and Twitter

I use the following channels to communicate the content from winehog.org.

The email newsletter is quite new – launched in February 2014. The newsletter is very popular with the readers – with a opening rate between 50% and 60% and a click rate between 20 and 35% – very high conversion rates indeed. I expect the newsletter subscribers to reach 1500 within the next 4 month.

Please contact me for further info

I use Google Analytics here on winehog.org, and if you need further information about our traffic – please contact me. I will then try to provide a Google Analytics report with the relevant information.