Burgundy 2011 – Update – March 2013

This week I attended the Trilogie en Cote de Nuits in Vosne Romanee where I had the opportunity to taste a great lineup of red 2011s from Vosne, Flagey and Vougeot.

Trilogie en Cote de Nuits is held every second year as a “local” version of the Grand Jours de Bourgogne – and the Vosne tasting this year included more than 100 wines, from someq of the best producers in the area.

For me it’s impossible to taste 100 wines in one session – or even in one day. I did however go for it, and managed to taste around 40 wines, and “browsed” 10 more.

Overall impression of the 2011 vintage

The overall impression of the 2011 vintage is unchanged after the Trilogie tasting – it’s a Fine to Very Fine vintage …. offering lovely well structured and forward wines. The fruit in most wines shows good energy, and the acidity is quite vibrant and fresh. The transparancy is fine, offering a lovely expression of the individual terroirs.

On the slightly negativ side – the high transparancy is really revealing all the flaws and faults in the wines. Some of the lesser produceres have made some fairly light and lean wines, while others seem to have killed the fruit with excessive use of oak. Fortunately most of the wines are really showing well, and are very typical of both producer and terroir.

Domaines tasted – and retasted

Most of the leading domaines attended the Trilogie and the list of wines offered were impressive. A lot of the wines were cask samples – some prepared for bottling – while others were recently bottled.

Most wines performed well, while some really showed the effects of recent bottling or preparation for bottling. All the wines are therefore considered as cask samples … as it’s quite difficult to make a final evaluation at this stage.

Domaines tasted:

  • Mongeard Mugneret
  • Mugneret-Gibourg
  • Bruno Clavelier
  • Sylvain Cathiard
  • Jean Grivot
  • Domaine du Comte Liger-Belair
  • Domaine Bizot
  • Meo-Camuzet
  • Domaine Forey
  • Gros Frere et Soeur
  • Cecile Tremblay
  • Michel Gros

Tasting notes for some of the wines tasted will follow shortly – next stop Philippe Pacalet to taste the 2012 vintage from cask.

Tasting notes – Red Burgundy 2011 – tasted from cask