Discovering Echézeaux in detail – the project!

One of the first articles I made for this blog was an article about Echézeaux. While the article have been very popular with the readers, it really needs an update … so here we go.


Echézeaux is a very large and complex vineyard, and its therefore impossible to make one article, that covers all the topics around this extensive grand cru.

I’m therefore planning a series of articles covering different Echézeaux topics … and these will in the end be merged in some way to form the complete Echézeaux guide.

This is indeed a daunting task … as the Echézeaux vineyard is fragmented into more than 250 plots, and there are in total more than 50 owners on this large grand cru.

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How long should I keep a village Meursault?

After a week with some discussions about premox and some rather interesting views on drinking windows for white Burgundies

I really began to wonder … what is the expected lifespan for a village Meursault these days … should it age for 10 years in the cellar or should it be consumed within the first 5 years?

And yes I know there is big differences between the producers and the vintages … but nevertheless its a topic I have been thinking quite a lot about in recent years.


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Fixin Clos de la Perriére … the forgotten Téte de Cuvée

In 1855 when Lavalle made his classification of the Burgundy vineyards only a few vineyards outside the “main” appellations were classified as Téte de Cuvée.

One of these vineyards is located in Fixin and is unknown to most Burgundy connaisseurs today … Fixin La Perriére better known as Fixin Clos de la Perriére.

Photo: Fixin Clos de la Perriére seen from the top.

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Hailstorm damage report

On June 28th Burgundy was again hit by a serious hailstorm. It’s still difficult to evaluatete and assess the damage in the Burgundian vineyards after the terrible hailstorm – but here is a short overview.

Photo: Caroline Parant Gros

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Vosne-Romanee Malconsorts the resurrection of a great 1er cru

Vosne Romanee Malconsorts is the fast rising star of the 1er crus in the appellation. The regained fame and glory is due to a large change of ownership and a impressive rise in quality among the other existing owners.

Malconsorts is now back to form and has taken its rightful place among the top 1er crus in Vosne-Romanee. So lets take a closer look at the history and the ownership history of this fine 1er cru.

Update 01/07/2014 … Cathiard plot previous owner update

Photo: Malconsorts seen from Rue de la Tache

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Hail storm hits Burgundy … again

For the third year in a row powerful and devastating hailstorms have hit Burgundy. Most of the appellations were hit this time … but so far reports indicate some damage in parts of Cote de Nuits – while the losses seem to be very serious in parts of Cote de Beaune – worst in Volnay and Pommard.


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Clos des Lambrays – Monopole or not? – update

The Domaine des Lambrays have recently been sold to LVMH – and the deal included some very fine vineyards – with the jewel in the crown being the 8.84 ha Clos des Lambrays.

This deal is very important for the development in Burgundy as it announces a new big player on the Burgundy scene – LVMH – a company that already owns several prominent estates in Bordeaux and Champagne. It will be interesting to follow the development – as I’m sure we can expect changes and improvements under the new ownership.

Photo: Copyright 2014

I’m therefore planning to make a small series of articles about Domaine des Lambrays – just to explore the vineyards and the history of the Domaine.

The first article is about Clos des Lambrays – where I have made a few maps that illustrates one of the intriguing facts about the LVMH deal – the missing plot of Clos des Lambrays.

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Grands Jours de Bourgogne … notes from Clos de Vougeot

The main event of Grands Jours de Bourgogne is the tasting at Chateau Clos de Vougeot. It was quite crowded this year, and it was therefore difficult to taste all the wines, and even more difficult to speak to some of the more popular producers. It was nevertheless a both interesting and lovely tasting – thanks to all the producers for supporting this event – it’s a treat.


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Grands Jours de Bourgogne – vintage impression – reds 2012

The 2012 vintage is soon going to be bottled and the hype of this lovely new vintage is already starting to build up.

In connection with my second day at Grands Jours de Bourgogne I had the opportunity to taste a wide range of wines from Vosne-Romanee, Flagey-Echezeaux and Vougeot. Most of the best producers were there … with a few exceptions.


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Grands Jours de Bourgogne – vintage impression – white 2012s

The 2012 vintage is soon going to be bottled and the hype of this lovely new vintage is already starting to build up.

In connection with my first day at Grands Jours de Bourgogne I had the opportunity to taste a range of whites from three very fine producers – Jean-Noël Gagnard, Hubert Lamy and Domaine Roulot. Tasting notes from these visits will follow shortly.

Photo: Jean-Marc Roulot tasting one of his lovely 2012s

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New feature on Winehog – Budget Burgs below 30€

Normally I don’t focus on price when I review a wine – price quality ratio is in my view nothing rewarding to consider when we are talking a complex products like Burgundies. As always the last 10% of quality will cost you a fortune – and the low quantities and the hype of certain producers can drive the price towards the sky … out of reach for me and the average Burgundy collector.


But with some village wines starting to push the 100€ price level I feel the need to promote affordable bottles of Burgundies one can enjoy .. now that the village wines are becoming too expensive for everyday drinking.

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The Premox Index – listing the tainted wines

Premoxed white Burgundies have been a problem since the vintages in the mid 1990s. The producers work hard to eliminate this problem … and they have to some extend been successful since the mid 2000s. There is however still identified premox problems in both the 2007 and 2008 vintage … so the problem is not fully solved yet.


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Riedel vs Zalto …. Burgundy stemware battle

I have been using Riedel Vinum stemware for ages … I think I got my first Chardonney glass back in 1990, and soon after the Pinot Noir glasses followed as did other types.

After 20 years with the same glass it is indeed difficult to change stemware, and while I have tried the Riedel Sommerlier series on occations I remained faithful to the trusted Pinot Noir glass from the Riedel Vinum series.


There is however a new challenger in town that I really needed to try out – the Zalto Burgundy stems from Denk’art in Austria.

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Henri Jayer – genuine or fake – the old label

Henri Jayer (1922 – 2006) is one of the most legendary producers in Burgundy … the prices are therefore very high and there are a lot of fake bottles on the market. Buying Jayer is therefore a game of trust, knowledge and a lot of money.

I have done a bit of research on Jayer recently and found some interesting information about the Jayer labels used in the 1960s and early 1970s … the story about the forgotten label.


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Jayer Richebourg 1962 – If it seems too good to be true ..

I have seen an almost endless number of pristine Henri Jayer wines being tasted and consumed over the past few years. A rough count show more than 25 bottles of Richebourg from Jayer have been tasted by a few people, including numerous bottles of 1959 and 1962.


To be honest I found this quite unusual, as Jayer wines are now more or less gone from the restaurants that used to serve Jayer wines, back in the days where there were mainly genuine Jayer wines on the market.

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