Philippe Pacalet, Ruchottes-Chambertin 2013

The Ruchottes-Chambertin 2013 from Pacalet is very impressive and gorgeous wine in the making – the grand cru terroirs really show well in this intense and highly structured vintage,. The bouquet is showing layers of intense red and dark fruit … complex and vibrant with a lovely minerality. On the palate layers of ripe and juicy red berry fruit … lovely nerve and glow in the fruit … more forward than the Echezeaux and even more refined. Really have a soft spot for this terroir. A beauty with its core of vibrant fruit.

20120309-125513.jpg(Drink from 2027) – Very Fine (93 – 94p) – Tasted 19/03/2014 – from cask

Photo: Johan Cola from Maison Philippe Pacalet

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Mugneret-Gibourg, Gevrey Chambertin 1er cru 2011

The Gevrey Chambertin 1er cru 2011 from Mugneret-Gibourg is made from the young vines on Ruchottes Chambertin – please note in 2012 all the production will be bottled as Ruchottes. The 2011 version is very harmonious and quite forward with layers of fruit and a lovely complex expession of terroir. The nose is bursting with delicate red and dark berry fruit – notes of raspberries, red and dark cherries … spiced with a complex earthy minerality. On the palate lovely airy fruit with good midpalete weight supported by finely grained tannins. It’s very balanced and transparent – showing the lovely complexity of the Ruchottes terroir. A very harmonious effort … really like this producer and I adore the Ruchottes terroir.

20120309-125513.jpg(Drink from 2021) – Fine – (91p) – Tasted 18/03/2014.


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Domaine Armand Rousseau, Ruchottes Chambertin 2000

The 2000 Ruchottes Chambertin from Domaine Armand Rousseau is a quite delightful effort for the vintage. In the bouquet quite airy red berry fruit with hints of sous-bois, truffle and cinnamon. On the palate expressive and quite juicy fruit with a nice intensity for the vintage. Not a big and dense wine – but harmonious and quite refined with a lovely eathy minerality. Love the energy from the terroir – a lovely 2000 approaching maturity.

20120309-125513.jpg(Drink from 2020) – Fine (91p) – Tasted 03/10/2013


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Philippe Pacalet, Ruchotte Chambertin 2012

The Ruchotte Chambertin 2012 is a true beauty. The bouquet is currently slightly closed but still offer layers of lovely organic red berry fruit and a quite stunning display of minerality and terroir. On the palete very intense red berry fruit – multible layers of juicy fruit. The minerality and complexity is very inmpressive adding a wonderful energy and nerve to this wine. It’s rich, refined and charming – love this terroir.

20120309-125513.jpg(Drink from 2024) – Very Fine+ (94 – 95p) – Tasted 19/03/2013 from CASK


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Philippe Pacalet, Ruchottes Chambertin 2011

The 2011 Pacalet Ruchotte Chambertin is a lovely expression of the 2011 vintage. At the moment slightly reduced and backward in the bouquet – but with notes of cherries, strawberries and pomegranate – spiced with white peppar and a hint of cinnamon. On the palate layers of pure and ripe red fruit – a lovely juicy midpalate intensity with a abundancy of refined fruit. The underlying minerality and the finely grained tannins focuses the long and delicately mineralic finish. This is a truly lovely effort from this magificent vineyard …. a very fine wine – rating might be slightly conservative.

20120309-125513.jpg(Drink From 2023) – Very Fine (93p) – Tasted 07/06/2013


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Mugneret-Gibourg, Gevrey Chambertin 1er cru 2010

The Gevrey Chambertin 1er cru from Mugneret-Gibourg is made from the young vines in Ruchottes Chambertin. It’s slightly closed now – but still offering a charming display of terroir and cool 2010 fruit. In the bouquet dark berry fruit with notes of red and dark cherries and liquorice. On the palate lovely intense fruit with good midpalete weight supported by finely grained tannins. It’s very balanced and transparent offering a good look at the charming minerality of the Ruchottes terroir. It’s a lovely 1er cru but is lacking the depth and minerality of the Ruchottes made from old vines. Love the style and terroir – a beautilful wine in the making!

20120309-125513.jpg(Drink from 2022) – Fine 92p – Tasted 30/04/2013.


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Tasting of Philippe Pacalet 2012 from Cask – Grand Cru

Philippe Pacalet is, as mentioned before, one of my favorite winemakers in Burgundy. I love the style of the wines, the drinkability, the lightness, the purity, the delicate expression of pinot fruit and the terroir.

The 2010 vintage was a big succes for Pacalet, the quality was very high, and the transparancy of some of the reds were almost second to none. The 2011s were also very fine for the vintage, and I was therefore eager to visit Philippe and taste his 2012s.

It was quite a big tasting with more than 20 wines, and in this article I will only cover the red grand cru wines. The village wines and the red 1er crus were covered in two earlier article – Tasting of Pacalet village 2012Tasting of Pacalet 1er cru 2012 – and the whites will follow shortly in a separate article. So off to the Grand Crus!

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Domaine Armand Rousseau, Ruchotte Chambertin 2011

The Ruchotte Chambertin 2011 from Rousseau is a true beauty with a fantastic charm and energy. In the bouquet lovely sophisticated red fruits – strawberries, dark cherries, raspberries and pomegranate jelly. The fruit is beautifully supported by a lovely minerality and a playful acidity. The palate very harmonious, with a lovely fruit, good minerality and a very fine acidity. It’s refined, complex and with a lot of energy – what a beautiful wine.

20120309-125513.jpg(Drink from 2022) – Very Fine+ (93 – 94p) – Tasted from cask 26/10/2012


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Philippe Pacalet, Ruchotte Chambertin 2011

The Ruchotte Chambertin is very accessible and ready to taste. In the nose layers of fine red pinot aromas – raspberries, cherries – spiced with cinnamon and allspice. On the palate very long and refined, with a lovely juicy jelly pinot fruit. A lovely play between the delicate pinot flavors and the fine minerality. A very fine and delicate wine.

20120309-125513.jpgVery Fine (93 – 94p) CASK

Tasted 03/05/2012


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