Domaine Jean Grivot, Vosne-Romanee Aux Reignots 2004

The 2004 Aux Reignots from Grivot is a very impressive effort for the vintage. The nose is currentlybslightly closed showing lovely cool red berry fruit supported by hints of oak and a spicy minerality .. some matured notes. on the palate lovely cool and weighty fruit … not fully resolved yet .. with a solid core of darker fruits. It’s very balanced and beautifully focused by the lovely minerality … refined and impressive. A lovely effort – need time to resolve the last core of dark and youthful fruit …

20120309-125513.jpg(Drink from 2017) – Fine+ – (92 – 93p) – Tasted 28/06/2014


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Sylvain Cathiard, Vosne-Romanee Aux Reignots 2012

The 2012 Aux Reignots from Cathiard is in my view one of his very best efforts from this fine 1er cru so far. The nose is crammed with red and darkberry fruit – notes of blackberries, dark cherries and red forrest berries – spiced with violets and a touch of oak. On the palate rich and silky fruit … but with a more stony and energetic minerality than the Malconsort. Its quite weigthy, long and powerful – love the mineralic intensity and the tension between the almost silky fruit and the stony minerality underneath. Have a soft spot for Reignots … and this is a very fine example.

20120309-125513.jpg(Drink From 2024) – Very Fine – (93 – 94p) – Tasted 18/03/2014 – cask sample

Photo: Sebastian Cathiard at Grands Jours de Bourgogne

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Dominique Laurent, Vosne-Romanee Les Reignots 2011

The Les Reignots from Dominique Laurent is surprisingly forward and quite charming. The nose is quite floral with a crisp raspberry fruit, lovely Vosne spices and a moderate touch of slightly toasted oak. On the palate crisp and pure red berry fruit, good energy and balance. Medium weight with a nice airy expression. Not a big Reignots but a quite delightful wine with a lovely expression of terroir and vibrant energy …. quite a pleasure although not a match for the big boys on this gorgeously mineralic terroir.

20120309-125513.jpg(Drink from 2022) – Fine (91p) – Tasted 14/01/2014


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Domaine du Comte Liger-Belair, Vosne Romanee Aux Reignots 2012

The Aux Reignots is gorgeous in 2012 – as the rich fruit is a perfect match for this very mineralic terroir – the 2012 vintage really adds new dimensions to the Aux Reignot. In the bouquet very refined with juicy red fruit – strawberries, pomegranate and forrest berries – combined with smoky and salty notes from the wonderfully stony minerality. On the palate layers of energetic and rich fruit, very fine balance and structure from the strong mineralic backbone. A very charming and rich Aux Reignot – Very Fine and perhaps even Outstanding.

20120309-125513.jpg(Drink from 2027) – Very Fine+ (94 – 95p) – Tasted 13/09/2013 – from CASK


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Domaine du Comte Liger-Belair, Vosne Aux Reignots 2004

The 2004 vintage can be quite difficult, but Domaine du Comte Liger-Belair really made some lovely wines in this vintage. The Vosne Romanee Aux Reignots 2004 is still slightly backward from magnum, but is showing fine matured notes. In the bouquet red and blue berry fruits with notes of rose petals, red currant and sous bois. On the palate still somewhat tight, with a good fruit and a strong mineralic backbone. The finish is long and focused by the fine acidity. Need a little time to unfold completely – a beautiful 2004.

20120309-125513.jpg(Drink from 2014) – Fine 92p – Tasted 01/11/2012 – Magnum from the Domaine cellar


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Domaine du Comte Liger-Belair, Vosne Aux Reignots 2006

The Aux Reignots 2006 is starting to show more complex notes. In the bouquet intense minerality with spicy red and blue berry notes. On the palate intense quite powerful fruit interlinked with the quite massive minerality – a quite masculine wine. The fruit is however quite openly knit with a good mid-palate weight – long rich finish with a spicy acidity. A fine or perhaps even very fine effort – quality wise quite close to the Echezeaux.

20120309-125513.jpg(Drink from 2018) – Fine+ 92p – Tasted 01/11/2012


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Domaine du Comte Liger-Belair, Vosne Aux Reignots 2009

The Aux Reignots 2009 from Domaine du Comte Liger-Belair is a very impressive 1er cru. In the bouquet red and blue berries with hints of gooseberries and fine Vosne spices. The oak is still somewhat forward in the nose. Very focused on the palate with a powerfull mineralic framework. The fruit is quite ample with a good mid-palate weight – the oak is already finely absorbed. The finish is long and very mineralic … this vintage really suits the Reignot terroir. It’s quite a lot better than the 2006 and 2007 Reignots, but not quite matching the slightly deeper and more refined 2009 Echezeaux.

20120309-125513.jpg(Drink from 2022) – Very Fine+ 94p – Tasted 01/11/2012


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Domaine du Comte Liger-Belair, Vosne Aux Reignots 2007

The Aux Reignots 2007 is still quite youthful. In the bouquet pure notes of blue and black fruit with quite a touch of oak, vanilla from the oak and spiced with violets. On the palate intense and quite dense ripe fruit structured by the strong mineralic backbone. The fruit is quite silky but is contrasted by the masculine structure of the terroir. Quite fine freshness for the vintage. Slightly backward now – a impressive wine for the vintage. Not quite at the same level as the Echezeaux … but certainly a very fine wine.

20120309-125513.jpg(Drink from 2018) – Very Fine 93p – Tasted 01/11/2012


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Domaine du Comte Liger-Belair, Vosne Aux Reignots 2011

Aux Reignots is normally a quite muscular, mineralic and powerfull wine. The 2011 vintage has however added new dimensions to the Aux Reignot. In the bouquet very refined sweet fruit notes – strawberries and forrest berries – combined with the wonderful minerality from the terroir. On the palate layers of fruit, very good balance and structure from the strong mineralic backbone. A very charming and refined Aux Reignot – Very Fine or perhaps even Outstanding.

20120309-125513.jpgVery Fine+ (93 – 95p) CASK

Tasted 04/05/2012


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Tasting of Domaine du Comte Liger-Belair 2011 from cask

Domaine du Comte Liger-Belair is one of the very top domaines in Burgundy, and the 2011 vintage seem to consolidate this position.

I tasted all the 2011 wines from cask at the domaine in early May 2012. The tasting showed that Liger-Belair have made very fine wines in 2011, and will in my view, judged on this early stage, outperform most other producers in this vintage.

In general all the 2011 wines from Liger Belair are very balanced with a fine delicate pinot fruit, a good freshness and acidity to match the fruit. The fruit is at the moment quite complex and nervy, with a good energy. The wines are quite transparent with a very good expression of the terroir.

The 2011 vintage can’t match the outstanding 2010’s from this domaine, but they are indeed very fine and will provide a lot of pleasure for those who love terroir driven red Burgundy.


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Domaine du Comte Liger-Belair Vosne Romanee Aux Reignots 2008

The Aux Reignot 2008 is very crisp with a fantastic minerality. Pure pinot flavors, and a very crisp and refined bouquet. Medium+ body with a fine and vibrant length. I really enjoy tasting a good 2008 wine in between the heavy and quite sweet 2009 wines. Aux Reignot might not be grand cru, but it is certainly a very interesting terroir, and in the hands of Louis-Michel Liger-Belair, it’s one of the leading 1er cru’s of the Cote. I love the 2008 Aux Reignot, and prefer it to the 2009 vintage, but it’s not on quite the same level as the fantastic 2005.

(2015 – 2028) 94p


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Domaine du Comte Liger-Belair, Aux Reignot 2005

Liger-Belair Aux Reignot is a huge wine – very powerful, with excellent concentration. At the moment not quite showing all the complexity and finesse, but this will develop into an really outstanding wine. Will drink well over the years to come, but will keep for many years. Another great wine from Louis-Michel Liger-Belair. (2015 – 2030) – 95p

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