Top Wines – all the best

Some wines are more memorable than others, and some wines stay in your mind and on your palate for decades. There are a lot of fine wines, but very few truely legendary or exceptional wines.

The terroir is the foundation of all great wines – only wines from the very best terroirs in top vintages can merrit a legendary or exceptional rating.

Legendary Wines (99 – 100pts)

Extraordinary+ (98 – 99pts)

Extraordinary Wines (97 – 98pts)

Outstanding+ (96 – 97pts)

Outstanding Wines (95 – 96pts)

Legendary wines not on the list

The list only include wines with tasting notes here on My personal list is much longer, but I don’t have tasting notes on the rest of the wines yet. The Winehog tasting notes are primarily wines tasted after June 2011.