Vintage Report, Red Burgundy 2009 – update 2

I have decided to upgrade the 2009 vintage, after tasting some really impressive 09 wines at the Grand Jours de Bourgogne. The 2009 reds are outstanding, but it’s a rather hot and quite heavy vintage. The best producers have a good freshness and minerality in the wines, while other wines are lacking freshness.

The conditions favour the best and most mineralic terroirs, as these wines have the structure to focus the quite dense fruit found in the 2009s. The best wines will be extraordinary, while the lesser terroirs will lack the freshness, as there is no minerality to compensate for the low acidity.

In general this is not my style of Burgundy, but I must admit some of the bigger wines are very impressive. If you like classic Burgundy, this is however not the vintage to look for.


The red 2009s are Outstanding, with very high quality in the top end wines. There is plenty of fruit in the lesser wines, but quite a lot of these wines are lacking freshness and acidity. Still the wines will provide a lot of pleasure as the fruit is ripe and pure.

Vintage rating – Red Burgundy 2009

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