Philippe Pacalet, Charmes Chambertin 2013

The Charmes-Chambertin 2013 from Pacalet is a fine effort … allthough not quite at the same level as the gorgeous Ruchottes-Chambertin. The bouquet is offering quite intense red and dark fruit … rich and vibrant with a lovely earthy minerality. On the palate rich and weighty red berry fruit … powerful and intense with a lovely balance and focus. Lacking a bit of refinement compared to the Ruchottes … but nevertheless a lovely glass of pinot.

20120309-125513.jpg(Drink from 2025) – Fine+ (92 – 93p) – Tasted 19/03/2014 – from cask

Photo: Johan Cola from Maison Philippe Pacalet

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Domaine Serafin, Charmes Chambertin 2007

The Chames Chambertin 2007 from Serafin is not showing well. The oak is still quite dominant in the nose but also notes of candied red fruit with hints of elderberries and raspberries. On the palate pure red fruit – quite light for a grand cru and lacking some depth in the fruit. The oak is still quite prominent in the wine … need some time to integrate this. Not bad wine but nevertheless a quite disappointing effort from Serafin.

20120309-125513.jpg(Drink From 2017) – Very Good (90p) – Tasted 03/07/2013.


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Philippe Pacalet, Charmes Chambertin 2012

The Pacalet Charmes 2012 is both a intense and charming wine in the making. The bouquet is bursting with nuances of energetic red berry fruit – spiced with allspice and cinnamon. On the palate layers of delicate and intense red berry fruit with elements of sweet red coulis fruit. It’s balanced and refined – it’s quite dense for a Pacalet wine – but still fresh and vibrant. The fine display of terroir in the long finish offer adds focus and nerve. A truly beautiful Charmes.

20120309-125513.jpg(Drink from 2024) – Very Fine (93 – 95p) – Tasted 19/03/2013 from CASK


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Joseph Roty, Charmes Chambertin 2002

The 2002 Charmes Chambertin from Joseph Roty is not showing well at the moment. In the bouquet rich polished dark and red berry aromas with some very ripe notes of plum and prune. On the palate quite open and accessible, with a dense and sweet fruit for the vintage. It’s a quite big wine, with good midpalate concentration and a long quite intense finish. There are however two problems, firstly it’s very polished with only little charm and terroir expression, secondly some of the fruit notes seem very ripe – almost 2003 like. Bottom line – not a bad wine, but not singing either. Could be in a difficult stage – but it’s hard to see this wine merrit a high rating. Fine but somewhat disappointing.

20120309-125513.jpg(Drink from 2018) – Fine 91p – Tasted 31/12/2012


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Domaine Dujac, Charmes Chambertin 1996

The Charmes Chambertin 1996 from Domaine Dujac is a lovely wine – but somewhat atypical for the vintage. The bouquet offer matured almost organic red fruits – strawberries, raspberries and red current – with a serious dose of sous-bois. On the palate quite rich red fruit with a good midpalate concentration and length – quite soft and bit fragile for the vintage – i.e. none of the rustic and slighly austere notes found in many 1996 red Burgundies. A fine and lovely wine – but be aware of deposits in the bottle – need proper handling and decanting.

20120309-125513.jpg(Drink from Now) – Fine 91p – Tasted 05/12/2012


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Domaine Dujac, Charmes Chambertin 2002

The Charmes Chambertin 2002 from Domaine Dujac is quite open but still need some years in the cellar to unfold fully. In the bouquet lovely red fruits – with notes of sweet red berries and forest undergrowth. On the palate fine red fruits, with good midpalate weight and blalace. The finish is still showing more unevolved darker fruit notes. It’s a fine effort – but not really grand cru level in a year like 2002. Fine but not that impressive.

20120309-125513.jpg(Drink from 2015) – Fine 91p – Tasted 05/12/2012

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Joseph Roty, Charmes Chambertin 2001

The Charmes Chambertin Tres Vieilles Vignes 2001 from Joseph Roty is a muscular and somewhat rustic wine. Quite forward and open in the bouquet with notes of red berries, undergrowth and a pinch of red current. On the palate powerful and well balanced with a very good midpalate concentration and a long slightly rustic finish. The mineralic backbone is firm and supported by a quite powerfull spicy acidity. Still need some time to unfold the fruit completely – but drinking well. A very fine effort for the vintage – but somewhat rustic like many other wines from 2001. A classic Charmes Chambertin.

20120309-125513.jpg(Drink from 2017) – Fine+ 92p – Tasted 06/12/2012


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Domaine Dupont-Tisserandot, Charmes-Chambertin 2011

The Charmes-Chambertin 2011 from Dupont-Tisserandot is quite a step up in concentration and focus from the fine Laveaux. In the bouquet lovely confiture styled fruit with sweet berry aromas – quite rich and ripe. On the palate open and quite rich, with a fine mid-palate concentration – lovely balanced with a good acidity and minerality from the fine terroir. A typical Charmes Chambertin – a very fine effort.

20120309-125513.jpg(Drink from 2023) – Fine+ (91 – 93p) – Tasted from cask 25/10/2012


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Domaine Armand Rousseau, Charmes Chambertin 2011

The Charmes Chambertin 2011 from Rousseau is a step up in concentration and focus, but somewhat more aloof than the Laveaux. In the bouquet more spicy and mineral notes with elements of dark cherries, raspberries, violets and peppar. On the palate good concentration, sharper and more focused with more tannins in the finish. A fine wine – but not showing all the qualities at the moment.

20120309-125513.jpg(Drink from 2020) – Fine+ (91 – 93p) – Tasted from cask 26/10/2012


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Philippe Pacalet, Charmes Chambertin 2011

The Charmes Chambertin is currently quite reduced in the nose, thus difficult to taste. In the bouquet some elements of raspberries and strawberries. On the palate layers of sweet ripe pinot fruit. A juicy wine with a good depth and length. A very fine pinot in the making.

20120309-125513.jpgVery Fine (92 – 94p) CASK

Tasted 03/05/2012


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Tasting of Philippe Pacalet 2011 from Cask – part 2

This is part two of my tasting notes from my visit at Philippe Pacalet. This article cover 2011 grand cru reds, and 2011 white Burgundies – all tasted from cask.

Notes for village and 1er cru red 2011 can be found in Tasting of Philippe Pacalet 2011 from Cask – part 1.

20120523-081438.jpgThe red 2011 wines are all quite accessible and charming, and all wines have very nice nuanced pinot aromas. The fruits in the 2011 Pacalet wines is juicy, and the expression of the terroir is very good, as the wines are quite transparent. The acidity is quite fresh and vith a good nerve – quite promising.

The whites are somewhat mixed, as the Meursaults are more dense and heavy, while the Puligny’s, the Chassagne and the Corton Charlemagne all are very fresh with a juicy fruit and a nervy acidity.

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Domaine Arlaud, Charmes Chambertin 2010

The Charmes Chambertin 2010 from Domaine Arlaud is a fine wine. The bouquet offer perfumed sweet fruit notes, with elements of strawberries, cherries and raspberries. On the palate good length and grip, quite transparant with a good mid-palate concentration. Perhaps slightly too much oak for my taste. Nevertheless it has a fine balance and a wonderful freshness – so typical for the 2010 vintage. Has a fine expression of the terroir, but is not very complex at the moment. Need some time to intrgrate the oak, and unfold more nuances.

20120309-125513.jpg(Drink From 2021) Fine+ – 92p

Tasted 20/04/2012

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Joseph Roty, Charmes Chambertin 2001

The Charmes Chambertin 2001 from Roty is a big old school Burgundy. Quite mature bouquet with wonderful sweet aromas of pinot fruit. A bit rustic but also showing fine complexity with hints of forest bed. This is really a big wine, good length sweet aromas and a very firm structure behind the ripe and quite mature pinot flavors. The acidity is quite high but is currently well balanced by the fruit. Would not keep this 10 years more, as some fresh fruit is needed to match the acidity.

(Drink from 2011) Very Fine – 93p

Tasted 28/09/2011 at Gustavs Bistro


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