Vintage Charts – update April 2013

I have now updated the vintage charts for red and white Burgundy. There are a few changes in the ratings, with 2010 being upgraded a notch – and some other older vintages are also adjusted slightly.

The 2012 vintage is included for the reds – based on the wines I tasted in March 2013. It looks like a outstanding or perhaps even Extraordinary vintage for the reds in Cote de Nuits. Even the few red Cote de Beaune wines I have tasted from the 2012 vintage are showing a lovely potential.

The 2011 reds remain on a Very Fine rating, while the white 2011s merrit an Outstanding rating. The harmonious whites from 2011 really deserve a lot of credit – they can’t quite match the power and weight of the white 2010s – but they are currently more harmonious than many white 2010s.

The white 2010s have been upgraded to “Outstanding to Extraordinary” – they are great – but need time to show the full potential – most whites 2010s are however already more harmonious, than when they arrived on the market in 2012.

Vintage Chart Red Burgundy

Vintage: Rating: Trend Status Comment
2012 Outstanding to Extraordinary Cask
2011 Very Fine Taste/Keep Classic
2010 Extraordinary+ Keep/Taste Great Year
2009 Outstanding Keep/Taste Somewhat dense
2008 Fine Keep/Taste Classic
2007 Very good Taste/Keep
2006 Very Good to Fine Taste/Keep
2005 Extraordinary Keep Big Wines
2004 Good Taste/Drink Green notes in some wines
2003 Poor to Fine Taste/Keep Very hot year
2002 Outstanding Taste/Drink Classic
2001 Very Good to Fine Taste/Drink
2000 Good Drink
1999 Outstanding Taste/Keep Dense

Vintage Chart White Burgundy

Vintage: Rating: Trend Status Comment
2011 Outstanding Keep/Taste Classic
2010 Outstanding to Extraordinary Keep/Taste Classic
2009 Good Taste/Keep Hot year
2008 Outstanding+ Keep/Taste Classic
2007 Outstanding+ Keep Classic
2006 Average to Good Drink High alcohol and some premox problems
2005 Very Fine+ Taste/Keep Premox problems
2004 Outstanding Taste/Drink Premox problems
2003 Poor to Average Avoid Very hot year
2002 Very Fine+ Drink Premox problems
2001 Very Good+ Drink Premox problems
2000 Very Fine+ Drink Premox problems
1999 Fine+ Drink Premox problems

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