How to submit a Wine for review

I have limited time to visit producers and importers, but it’s possible to submit wines for review.

For producers/importers interested in submitting their red and/or white Burgundy (including Chablis) samples for review, the following will provide the necessary information.

How to submit a sample for review

If you want to submit a wine for review please e-mail me to get detailed information about the delivery of the wines to my office – contact me on

For reviewing your wines, please submit one or two bottles (two because if there is a problem with the first bottle, there is a back-up bottle). Please note two bottles is not a requirement.

It is very helpful for me to have any information you may have on vintage characteristics and the specific technical details of each wine. Data like grape source(s), alcohol levels, production numbers and whether some percentage of whole clusters. Also details about the use of SO2, time of bottling and fining or filtering is important.

Please include contact information (phone number, email and website), importer information (if applicable) and suggested retail prices

If you have any other questions, please e-mail me at

Contact details

Steen Öhman
Tel: (+45) 21404480