Vintage Charts

As I taste wines and make tasting notes I also update the vintage charts and vintage reports. The vintage reports cover recent vintages, as they develop towards maturity.

The vintage reports are based on all my experience with the vintage in question, and not only the bottles mentioned in the tasting notes here on this site.

Vintage Chart Red Burgundy

Vintage: Rating: Trend Status Comment
2013 Cask
2012 Outstanding to Extraordinary Taste/Keep
2011 Very Fine Taste/Keep Classic
2010 Extraordinary+ Keep Great Year
2009 Outstanding Keep Somewhat dense
2008 Fine+ Keep/Taste Classic
2007 Very good Taste/Keep
2006 Very Good to Fine Taste/Keep
2005 Extraordinary Keep Big Wines
2004 Good Drink/Taste Green notes in some wines
2003 Poor to Fine Taste/Keep Very hot year
2002 Outstanding Taste/Drink Classic
2001 Very Good to Fine Taste/Drink
2000 Good Drink
1999 Outstanding Taste/Keep Dense

Vintage Chart White Burgundy

Vintage: Rating: Trend Status Comment
2013 Cask
2012 Outstanding Keep/Taste Classic/Rich
2011 Very Fine Keep/Taste Classic
2010 Outstanding to Extraordinary Keep Classic
2009 Good Taste/Keep Hot year
2008 Outstanding+ Keep/Taste Classic
2007 Outstanding+ Keep Classic
2006 Average to Good Drink High alcohol and some premox problems
2005 Very Fine+ Taste/Keep Premox problems
2004 Outstanding Taste/Drink Premox problems
2003 Poor to Average Avoid Very hot year
2002 Very Fine+ Drink Premox problems
2001 Very Good+ Drink Premox problems
2000 Very Fine+ Drink Premox problems
1999 Fine+ Drink Premox problems

Vintage reports