Domaine du Comte Liger-Belair, Echezeaux 2008

The 2008 Echezeaux from Liger-Belair is really singing. The nose is bursting with intense acidity infused red berry fruit – spiced by a delicate fragrance of of peony rose, violets, oak and all spice. On the palate fresh and very energetic red fruit – envigorating acidity. It’s long and vibrant with an almost silky feel to the fruit – finely focused by the filigree minerality and magnificent acidity of the 2008 vintage. A truly gorgeous Echezeaux … the 2009 might well be bigger .. but somehow I prefer this energetic delight.

20120309-125513.jpg(Drink from 2023) – Very Fine (93 – 94p) – Tasted 20/09/2014


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Terroir Insight: Domaine du Comte Liger-Belair Echezeaux

Louis-Michel Liger-Belair is in my view producing one of the very best wines from the large and very diverse Echezeaux vineyard.

First vintage was 2006 and quality improving year after year arriving at a truly outstanding level from 2010 and onwards.


A very interesting wine in many ways … so lets take a closer look at the terroir.

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Echézeaux du Dessus – the heart of Echézeaux

One of the first articles I made for this blog was an article about Echézeaux. While the article have been very popular with the readers, it really needs an update … so I have planned a series of articles about the Echézeaux vineyard.

The first article is about the very the core of the Echézeaux vineyard – the climate called Echézeaux du Dessus.

Photo: Echézeaux du Dessus seen from north – with Les Poulailleres in the foreground.

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Discovering Echézeaux in detail – the project!

One of the first articles I made for this blog was an article about Echézeaux. While the article have been very popular with the readers, it really needs an update … so here we go.


Echézeaux is a very large and complex vineyard, and its therefore impossible to make one article, that covers all the topics around this extensive grand cru.

I’m therefore planning a series of articles covering different Echézeaux topics … and these will in the end be merged in some way to form the complete Echézeaux guide.

This is indeed a daunting task … as the Echézeaux vineyard is fragmented into more than 250 plots, and there are in total more than 50 owners on this large grand cru.

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Domaine Forey Père et Fils, Echezeaux 2012

The Echezeaux 2012 from Regis Forey is showing more forward accessibility than the serious Gaudichots. The bouquet display layers of juicy red fruit spiced with a nice minerality and notes of violets, cinnamon and allspice. On the palate quite rich relatively dark pinot fruit … lovely core of energetic fruit .. pure and with a very nice depth. Very well balanced with a lovely expression of terroir.

20120309-125513.jpg(Drink from 2023) – Fine+ – (92 – 93p) – Tasted 18/03/2014.

Photo: Regis Forey at Grand Jours de Bourgogne

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Philippe Pacalet, Echezeaux 2013

The Echezeaux 2013 from Pacalet is a impressively intense effort – the grand cru terroirs really suits this powerfully stuctured vintage. The bouquet is offering intense red and dark fruit … Vosne spices… tight and serious with a powerful underlying minerality. On the palate tightly knit and powerful, with a intense midpalate fruit and a focusing slightly edgy minerality. A big quite muscular wine with more power than one normally find in wines from Pacalet. Will require quite some time to unfold completely.

20120309-125513.jpg(Drink from 2027) – Fine+ (92 – 93p) – Tasted 19/03/2014 – from cask

Photo: Johan Cola from Maison Philippe Pacalet

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Philippe Pacalet, Echezeaux 2012

The Echezeaux 2012 from Pacalet is a gorgeous effort. The nose is bursting with fruit … red juicy fruit with a quite intense mineralty and spiced with violets, all spice and cinnamon. On the palate even more weighty than expected with a very fine midpalate concentration. The fruit is vibrant with a lovely nerve and energy. The minerality from the terroir is quite powerful .. this will be a very exiting wine to follow .. with its well constituted fruit and balance. Very impressive .. need more time to unfold … just like the two Vosne wines from Pacalet.

20120309-125513.jpg(Drink from 2024) – Very Fine (93p) – Tasted 08/05/2014


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Domaine Mugneret-Gibourg, Echezeaux 2011

The Echezeaux 2011 from Mugneret-Gibourg is a lovely but quite tightly knit effort. In the nose red and dark cherries, hints of elderberries and a nice view of terroir. On the palate focused and tightly knit … fruit is slightly closed already … showing the classic MG cherry notes. Its a lovely Echezeaux … but it need time to unfold its charm.

20120309-125513.jpg(Drink From 2022) – Fine+ – (92 – 93p) – Tasted 13/05/2014


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Domaine Mugneret-Gibourg, Echezeaux 2012

The 2012 Echezeaux from Mugneret-Gibourg is a beauty. In the nose forward, pure and relatively dark pinot fruit with delicate berry aromas – notes of cinnamon and elderberries – very nicely focused. On the palate rich and pure with a very fine midpalate weigth. Its long an transparent with a lovely effortless intensity. A both refined and intense Echezeaux … beautiful effort.

20120309-125513.jpg(Drink From 2025) – Very Fine – (93 – 94p) – Tasted 18/03/2014 – cask sample


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Cecile Tremblay, Echezeaux 2012

The Echezeaux 2012 from Cecile Tremblay is a gorgeous effort … her wines seems to get more focused and refined each year. The nose is crammed with asian spices, raspberries, red currant and elderberries … supported by a deep earthy minerality. On the palate rich and forward fruit … juicy with a lovely energy and intensity. The fruit is weighty and vibrant – offering a lovely transparent view to the fine terroir. Very impressive … but first and foremost juicy and delightful. Really like the style

20120309-125513.jpg(Drink From 2022) – Very Fine (93 – 94p) – Tasted 18/03/2014 – cask sample


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Cecile Tremblay, Echezeaux 2011

The Echezeaux 2011 from Cecile Tremblay is a gorgeously vibrant wine. The nose is quite expressive with lovely forward fruit – notes of cherries, raspberries .. hints of plum, earthy minerality and a hint of toasted oak. On the palate silky quite openly knit fruit … forward and juicy with a nice weight and transparancy. Love the juicy fruit and the fine minerality … a delightful Echezeaux.

20120309-125513.jpg(Drink From 2020) – Fine+ (93p) – Tasted 13/05/2014.


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Domaine Georges Noellat, Echezeaux 2012

The Echezeaux 2012 from Georges Noellat is a beautifully balanced and refined effort from the climate les Cruots. The nose is offering lovely juicy red and dark berry fruit – charmingly perfeumed with a lovely floral spicyness with the oak beautifully integrated. On the palate airy and rich almost silky fruit – refined and very balanced – with a charming suave character. A gorgeous glass … delightfully lightfooted with a effortless display of pure silky fruit. Not a big and dense Echezeaux … but make no mistake the finish is both vibrant and very persistant … lovely juice.

20120309-125513.jpg(Drink from 2024) – Very Fine – (93 – 94p) – Tasted 18/03/2014 – cask sample


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Philippe Pacalet, Echezeaux 2011

The 2011 Pacalet Echezeaux is forward and expressive. The bouquet is bursting with sweet red fruit – raspberries, pomegranate, strawberries with a hint of violets. On the palate rich – almost silky – with sweet ripe red fruit – balanced by finely grained tannins and a crisp acidity. It has put on some wight the last year and is quite intense and weighty compared to most of the other wines from Pacalet. Love the airy fruit and the balance – a delightful Echezeaux.

20120309-125513.jpg(Drink From 2020) – Fine+ (93p) – Tasted 26/01/2013

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Domaine du Comte Liger-Belair, Echezeaux 2011

The 2011 Echezaux from Domaine du Comte Liger-Belair is a gorgeous wine in the making. In the nose quite abundant red berry fruit – raspberries and pomegranate – spiced with violets, peony rose, all spice and a touch of oak. On the palate rich, intense and silky – with a delicate almost opulent fruit – focused by a quite powerful framework of acidity and minerality. A outstanding effort for the vintage … what a gorgeous Echezeaux.

20120309-125513.jpg(Drink from 2023) – Very Fine (94p) – Tasted 09/12/2013


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Domaine du Comte Liger-Belair, Echezeaux 2007

The 2007 Echezaux is really starting to show the finesse and refinement. The nose is bursting with intense red berry fruit and a delicate fragrance of Vosne spices – with notes of peony rose, violets and all spice. On the palate gorgeous quite linear fruit with a lovely mineral complexity in the finish. It’s medium weight, focused but quite silky … with a very fine tension and energy in the vibrant finish. The oak is perfectly integrated and the complexity is really starting to unfold. When I tasted this wine for the first time back in 2009 … my initial thought was Jayer – I found the same effortless charm and refinement in this bottle … a gorgeous bottle on a fruit day.

20120309-125513.jpg(Drink from 2017) – Very Fine (93p) – Tasted 18/01/2014


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Domaine du Clos Frantin, Echezeaux 2012

The Echezeaux is from a 0.99 ha plot located in the climate Champs Traversin in the top part of the vineyard. The nose show some reduction but also a beautiful floral and spicy fruit – backed up by a finely grained stony minerality. On the palate quite intense fruit interlinked with a gorgeous minerality – love the energy and mineralic tension. Is lighter than the clos de Vougeot – but also more focused and refined. A beautiful Echezeaux

20120309-125513.jpg(Drink from 2025) – Very Fine (93 – 94p) – Tasted 13/09/2013 cask sample.


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Domaine Jayer-Gilles, Echezeaux 2002

Domaine Jayer-Gilles is one of the producers on the climate Echezeaux-Dessus – in the core of the original Echezeaux vineyard. The 2002 version of the Echezeaux is still quite youthful and tight but beginning to show. In the nose red and dark fruit, Vosne spices, hints of truffle and sous-bois. On the palate rich and intense fruit quite tight with quite a strong impression of oak. The fruit is quite abundant, and the complexity is increasing in the glass. I big and burly Echezeaux – as expected – need 5 to 10 years more to show the full potential.

20120309-125513.jpg(Drink From 2018) – Fine+ (92p) – Tasted 29/10/2013.


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Domaine du Comte Liger-Belair, Echezeaux 2012

The Echezeaux is getting better and better year after year. The terroir is very fine with old vines in very good plots on the climates Cruots and Champs Traversin. The nose is slightly reduced at the moment, but showing layers of juicy fruit and minerality – notes of cherries, strawberries, violets and peppar. On the palate layers intense and energetic fruit – supported by a multidimensional finely grained minerality. This quite floral wine is wonderfully balanced – powerful and yet very refined. A magnificent effort with true finesse and length – a great Echezeaux in the making.

20120309-125513.jpg(Drink from 2028) – Outstanding (95 – 96p) – Tasted 13/09/2013 – from CASK


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Emmanuel Rouget, Echezeaux 2007

The 2007 Echezeaux from Emmanuel Rouget is still quite youthful but already offering a lot of pinot delights. In the bouquet lovely expressive red fruit with hints of rose petals and violets. On the palate lovely quite openly knit red fruit with a fine expression of terroir. The midpalate fruit is quite juicy and abundant – but perhaps it’s lacking a little depth like many other 2007s. The finish is however long and quite intense with a nice minerality. It’s certainly drinking well – love the balance and fruit expression – a delightful Echezeaux and a fine 2007.

20120309-125513.jpg(Drink from 2018) – Fine+ (93p) – Tasted 09/10/2013


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