First impressions of Comte de Vogue 2011

On my recent visit to Burgundy we had the opportunity to visit Domaine Comte Georges de Vogüé. to taste the 2011 vintage from cask.

It’s always very nice and interesting to visit Jean-Luc Pepin and Francois Millet at Domaine Vogue, and this visit was no different.

20120530-171728.jpgThe tasting however was somewhat different from the tastings on my previous visits to the domaine, as the wines this time was tasted before the malolactic fermentation.

Tasting before the malolactic fermentation

It can be very hard to taste the wines before and especially during the malolactic fermentation. The wines can be very clouded by the malic acidity and the proces, and this can really make it difficult to do a proper and fair evaluation of the wines.

All the Vogue wines were tasted before the malolactic fermentation, as they are cooled down to slow down the malolactic fermentation. The malolactic fermentation had started in the Amoureuses very early on, but was stopped by the low temperature.

Notes from tasting May 4th 2012

Comte de Vogue, Chambolle Musigny 2011

The Chambolle was quite closed dow due to the malo, but still showed hints of it’s qualities. In the bouquet raspberries, cherries and a hint of gooseberries. The fruit is jelly styled, with a fine sweet decadence. On the palate hard to taste, but with delicate fruit with fine sweet notes of pinot flavors.

20120309-125513.jpgVery Good+ (89 – 91p) CASK pre malolactic fermentation

Comte de Vogue, Chambolle Musigny 1er cru 2011

The Chambolle 1er cru – made from the young wines on Grand Cru Musigny – was more forward than the village wine. In the bouquet sweeter notes of strawberries, raspberries and hints of blackberries and redcurrant. The minerality is also more forward in the wine, and agin we find this wonderful delicate jellied fruit aromas. On the palate more weight with layers of red fruit, and a good backbone from the terroir.

20120309-125513.jpgFine (91 – 93p) CASK pre malolactic fermentation

Comte de Vogue, Bonnes Mares 2011

The Bonnes Mares showed a darker but very open expression of pinot. In the bouquet loads of blueberries, black cherries and hints of peony rose, peppar and violets. On the palate darker and more dense, with a fine minerality – good lenght and balance.

20120309-125513.jpgVery Fine (92 – 94p) CASK pre malolactic fermentation

Comte de Vogue, Les Amoureuses 2011

The Amoureuses showed very delicate red jellied fruits and fine minerality. Slightly more accesible than the other wines due to the partly completed malo. In the nose strawberries, pommegranate, raspberries with a lovely minerality. Very delicate fruit aromas. On the palate delicate red fruits and a fine nervy acidity and minerality. Lovely wine in the making

20120309-125513.jpgVery Fine (92 – 94p) CASK pre malolactic fermentation

Comte de Vogue, Musigny 2011

The Musigny was more closed due to the malo. In the bouquet fine red fruit, with notes of strawberries, raspberries, pommegranate – spiced with hints of peony rose and cinnamon. On the palate more power and weigth, and layers of fruit and minerality. Looks like a elegant Musigny in the making.

20120309-125513.jpgOutstanding (94 – 96p) CASK pre malolactic fermentation

To rate or not to rate!

It’s hard to taste the wines before the malolactic fermentation, thus also difficult to rate the wines precisely at this stage.

The style found in the Vogue 2011 wines were however consistent with the impressions from other domaines tasted in May. The Vogue 2011s were quite accessible and charming despite the malic, and all wines showed very nice nuanced pinot aromas. The fruits in the 2011 Vogue wines seems juicy, feesh, delicate, and the expression of the terroir is very good, as the wines are quite transparent. The acidity seems quite fresh and with a good nerve – quite promising.

I know it’s early to make formal ratings of the wines … but I gave it a shot based on my experience with the Vogue wines.

Tasting Notes for this producer

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